Buying the Move-in

Buy the Move-in as follows:

Make an appointment for a demonstration

It is best to experience for yourself how the Move-in eliminates lifting when loading and unloading cots. Contact us now for an appointment.

Customised price quotation

If you are interested, you will receive a customised price quotation.

  • This requires several important items of information:
  • Is the purchase for new vehicles and/or vehicles that are already in use?
  • Which make/type of vehicle and which make/type of cot are involved?
  • How many vehicles are involved? (Volume discounts are available)
  • Is just one type of cot used, or more than one?
  • How soon do you wish the fitting to be completed?

Time schedule

Once the price quotation has been accepted, we will draw up a time schedule. In mutual consultation, we will propose a schedule for the delivery and fitting of the Move-in. We will also make an appointment for the ergocoaches to give instructions on location.